Ganado Elementary

Our DedicatedTeachers & Staff

We are extremely fortunate to have a team of educators who are completely committed to guiding our students toward success. Our teachers believe in a bright future for every student here at Ganado Elementary, and they work tirelessly to help unlock that future. Please take a moment to become more acquainted with our talented faculty and staff, and be sure to contact them with your questions or concerns.


Jolena Burns
Primary School Principal
(928) 755.1218

Joe Benally
Intermediate School Principal
(928) 755.1318

Colleen Roanhorse
Attendance Clerk/Registrar
(928) 755.1211

Marilyn Todacheenie
School Secretary

Cleofus Nelson
(928) 755.1225

Pre-K Teachers

Alyssa Dalgal

Jan Vagilia

Monica Youvella

Kindergarten Teachers

Laura Begay

Brenda Hawkins

Sharon Curley

Justine Boncalon

First Grade Teachers

Leandra Thomas

Shaunya Nez

Alfreda Reid

Elaina Vann


Second Grade Teachers

Tiffany Tracy

Rachel Locaspino

Michelle Nez

Arlene Roanhorse

Alvita Reid

Marvin Slivers

Third Grade Teachers

LaNaya Cook

AnaManuela Rico

Shauna Silversmith


Joyce Tsinijinnie


Fourth Grade Teachers

Victoria LaFrance

Dempsey Begay

Marcia Martinez

Christine Wilson

Fifth Grade Teachers

Alonzo Miller

Pamela Begay

Sharilynn Slivers

Pandora Yazzie


Jona Pechon

Justina Sutton

Marilyn Dyer

Living Arts

Sharon Begay

Jan Mordan

Dorthea Noble

Virginia Apachee

Rachelle Chee

Sylvia Edgewater

Reading Specialist

Judith Boyd