Ganado Elementary

Hornet HeadlinesExtra, Extra! Read all about it!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Our Ganado Hornets are making headlines, and we want to shout about it! Our News page highlights important school announcements and all of the amazing things your children are accomplishing. Way to go, Hornets!


Our attendance rate for February was 89.04%! Let’s strive to be at 92% and above. Don’t forget to submit your attendance form daily in the Google Attendance Classroom. If you are having internet connection issues, please call 755-1207 and let our registrar know.

New Student Information System

Next school year we will be using a new student information system. The new system will make it easier for you to access more information about your child. However, for you to use this new system, we must have a good email address for you. Please share with us your email address by contacting your child’s school. If you don’t have an email address, many companies will let you create a free email account. This new system will also help us save money by allowing us to stop sending you information through the mail. We will be able to use that money to provide a better education for your child. Also, we will be able to free up teacher and staff time so they can better help your child with their needs. Thank you for helping us get ready for this new student information system.

School-Issued Devices

Please remember, if you drop off a school-issued device to the Technology Department for service, please call (928) 755-1207 so our registrar can make a note in School Master.